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Bobtail cats

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Kitten Sales During Covid 19

  • All kittens will be on a meet and pick up basis in a safe location. No flights or third party deliveries during this time.
  • Kittens are bathed and dried before being placed in a carrier. They will only be touched with gloved hands after that, usually when we get them out of the carrier to hand to you.
  • Social distance is observed except we do need to approach each other to exchange the kitten. Masks are acceptable.
  • Items in the kitten gift bag such as Taste of the Wild and NuVet samples are stored in a cabinet and placed in clean first use bag with gloved hands.
  • All paperwork such as contracts and health reports will be emailed. Each party is encouraged to print their own hard copy for their records.
  • Kittens and quarantine go together like peanut butter and jelly. We are not breeding any more during this but have these few to help some one make it through.

ABOUT Cosmic Bobtails

Cosmic Bobtail Cats

Po box 5003

Sevierville TN 37864

Text: 865-696-1986
Email: earthstarvillage@yahoo.com

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Every kitten is loved and handled from the day it is born
Cosmic Bobtail Cats make great indoor pets and companions
Cosmic Bobtail Cats are excellent hunters, vermin beware

Cosmic Bobtail Cats

We have been raising the rare Cosmic Bob Tail cats since 2004.
Our Bobtails are registered Tennessee Bobtails, a developing breed with the Rare Exotic Feline Registry(REFR).
We only have a few litters a year, and they are indeed a very special branch of the American Bobtail breed.