This baby from Lucy Jewels first litter made a perfect Fathers Day surprise !

Kitty Bear at the vets 2012

longer haired stumpy male

Founding Queen Pedator

and Rabbit





Predator came to us in 2004. She was a white cream point apple headed siamese of no specific genetic line. She bred to feral Tennessee Bobtail cats on the mountain and Cosmic Bobtail Cats came into being. 

Since then these cats have been selected for intelligence, outward appearance and disposition.

Serena was from Predators second litter here in 2005, she gave us many kittens for 10 years. Danielle is from Serena's last litter and resembles her mother Serena in looks and personality. Dannielle had Lucy in her first litter and the circle of life continues. 

Over the years these Queens have thrown a mind boggling array of colors, fur length and patterns depending on the King involved as seen in some of the pics below. 

Ming Lightbulb 2010

cream point stubby tail

One of our colorpoint babies had a new daddy and granma came along to welcome him too 



Family Tree & Past Kittens

Teddie and Tucker are enjoying a life of leisure while being spoiled rotten rotten  






Applebaum is

happy happy happy and very loved in Texas

and here he is

in his new home 

Sing born 2009

​lives happily in Asheville

with her sister Sam

and her human



Ivey Rose

a longer haired version,

typical of many American Bobtails

Serena and 2014 litter


Natasha Her Impness

King Blue

as a young kitten

Dannielle April 2017

This little cream boy is resting after his long trip to his new home in Arkansas 

Singleton Orange Swirl


Cosmic Bobtail Cats