All of our Queens and Kings are registered Tennessee Bobtail unless labeled otherwise.

Kepler, our most exotic and intelligent cat, is actually an F2 Bobcat and is

registered as Desert Lynx as recommended by REFR (Rare Exotic Feline Registery).

We have TICA registered Ragdolls that we breed with our Bobtails to produce RagaBobs. RagaBobs are not an officially recognized breed but still fairly common as these two breeds are complimentary.

TICA registered Ragdoll Queens producing Rag-a-Bobs !!!

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DanielleWoods Sprite

brindle tortiose shell


Dixonmtnragdoll Willow

Long Tailed Ragabob

Flame Mitted

Smokymtnragdolls Richard Parker

TICA reg. Ragdoll

Flame Mitted Mink

King Blue

​blue mackeral tabby


Serena Woods Sprite
Danielles mother

brindle tortiose shell


​2004 - 2015

We are pleased to introduce Lobsang Kepler !

Kepler is our most exotic feline friend. His father, Dexter, is an F1 Bobcat, that means he's half bobcat.

Kepler is an F2 Bobcat and registered as Desert Lynx as recommended by REFR (Rare Exotic Feline Registery).

A Bobcat assaulted a female farm cat who survived to give birth to Dexter and his littermates. Unfortunately the Bobcat was put down as he had been terrorizing the farm and killing other animals, but Dexter grew up sweet and healthy and started a family with another farm cat named Lil Girlz who had Kepler and his littermates.

His intelligence is amazing, he responds like a well trained seven year old dog.   His kittens are little juniors of him, he is by, far the most incredible and intelligent cat we've ever ever known.

Dixonmtnragdoll Bili

TICA reg. Ragdoll

White Mink

Cosmic Bobtail Cats

Persephone Star



Bandit the Floof

Long Tailed Ragabob

Bicolor Mackerel Tabby

Ragdoll Queens & Kings

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Tennessee Bobtail

Desert Lynx


Meta Moon



 Lucy Jewel 

grey mackeral torbie


Lobsang Kepler

F2 Bobcat

REFR Desert Lynx

blue bicolor tabby


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Cosmic Kings

Cosmic Queens